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Letter from the Editor:

Been a while since you had a letter from me.  Some things have changed in the Lone Star Metal camp.  A few months back, I took stock of what Lone Star Metal had become over the past five years, and made a revelation; I had gotten away from what we originally started doing in lieu of show promotions.  I made a public announcement via facebook, but feel I should repost here:

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about LSM lately. The conclusion I came to is that I’m done with show promotions. It was a blast in the beginning, but now it has become laborious. I cannot financially continue to run the risks that are inherent in putting on shows, and frankly I’m tired of being the one to put my ass on the line with 0 return. I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve been upside down on.

I am proud that I was the one responsible for getting Dangerous Toys back to Houston, the one who got the Galactic Cowboys back together for their almost 25 year reunion, the one who got ZLOTZ to reunite, the one who hosted Evil United’s first ever show, the one who brought D.A.D. to Houston, and the one who brought countless bands together for the purpose of celebrating Texas Metal. I’ll be forever grateful to those who took a chance on me, but it’s time to step aside.

There are a few events that I will continue. For as long as they want, I’ll continue to bring Dangerous Toys to Acadia for their now traditional February Houston show. That is my show and will forever be my show.  I’m not done in the scene by no means, just done footing the bill for shows. See you in the crowd, Texas.

And so, having said all that, I’m excited to start covering the absolutely awesome scene we have here in Texas!

Rusty Conner

7 replies

  1. KEEP IT METAL MOTHER FUCKERS!!!! Been a while since I’ve seen you guys, but I hope that everything is going well with the magazine and shows. Anywho, catch ya’ll on the flip side bitches.

  2. Hey Rusty! This is Jason Reilly from WY and I hope all is going well with you, the family and the MAG! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Please consider me a new reader of your mag.

  4. brother glad your still telling our great TEXAS METAL is still here and not forgotten too.

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