From the Editor’s Desk…


Letter from the Editor:

2014 is already well underway, and we’ve spent the better part of January and February retooling the webzine for you folks.  I think you’ll find it even easier to navigate than before.  We’ve established some dedicated columns that showcase the various writing talents I’ve personally come across on this 5 year journey.  A new section we now have is the Featured Bands column.  This will feature bands each month from different areas of the state, and is sponsored by companies and individuals from those areas who share our passion for Texas music.  Enjoy the new look!

Rusty Conner

7 replies

  1. KEEP IT METAL MOTHER FUCKERS!!!! Been a while since I’ve seen you guys, but I hope that everything is going well with the magazine and shows. Anywho, catch ya’ll on the flip side bitches.

  2. Hey Rusty! This is Jason Reilly from WY and I hope all is going well with you, the family and the MAG! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Please consider me a new reader of your mag.

  4. brother glad your still telling our great TEXAS METAL is still here and not forgotten too.

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