Houston, TX

Venomous Maximus embrace a traditional approach to Hard Rock and Metal.  Denim vests and pumping fists should be required to listen to this 12″ EP from the Houston based quartet.  The Mission is a four track journey across a 70’s tinged Metal landscape.  Venomous’ sound can be described as a wall of amps with a thunderous, steady back-beat reminiscent of early Sabbath.  Comparisons to The Sword are inevitable, though I don’t think they would mind the association.  The title anthem sets the standard, and proclaims the band’s mindset; “This is the mission.  Rape and destroy…you are all just my toy.”  The second track on the album, “The Rider,” lyrically invokes the imagery of an arduous journey through mystical lands.  The music lends to a galloping movement toward the inspiring solo found hidden behind the lyrics halfway through.  “The Gift” is a great song with catchy lines and memorable riffs sprinkled throughout the entire track.  “Wicked Ways” utilizes an off beat rhythm that is a step away from the first two tracks, and certainly gets your attention.  There are some intricate elements going on with this track, and is my personal favorite on the album.  Venomous Maximus is a great band for those old school fans who play their vinyl daily, and those who just appreciate good, traditional Metal.

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