April 27 @ Dirty Dog Bar in Austin – Vesperian Sorrow CD release show with Evil United, Hod, HeadCrusher, and Entropist

LSM hosts the first Austin showcase of 2012 with Evil United once again, and the CD release of the region’s best dark, symphonic metal band, Vesperian Sorrow. We bring a brutal line up of some of the area’s best talent to support this special event, and perhaps you can see some surprise guest appearances.

Dirty Dog Bar – Doors @ 8pm

$5 Cover

Vesperian Sorrow – “Considered North America’s premiere symphonic extreme metal act, Vesperian Sorrow’s music evokes the darkest depths of searing mortal tragedy juxtaposed with soaring heights of orchestrated, symphonic melody. Their undeniably passionate songwriting ability sets them apart in their genre.”

Evil United– “Evil United will definitely quench the thirst on your heavy metal pallet and make you wanna gargle nails and then spit them out with AK-47 intensity impaling non-believers!!!”

Hod – “Hod is not an acronym. It is not H.O.D. It is Hod. Can we all get it straight now? HOD is creating what the world needs and fears the most; REAL FUCKING METAL!!”

Headcrusher – “Formed in early 2001 in Pereira, Colombia, South America. HEADCRUSHER’s blend of thrash, death metal and hardcore climbed them to the top of the growing Colombian and South American metal scene.”

Entropist – “This is a melodic thrash/death metal band formed in Austin, Texas by seasoned veterans/active players here in the Austin scene, all members hailing from their own respective bands and stage experience. Beginning as a demo recorded by James in Arlington, Texas alongside other session players, the project came to full fruition with the addition of the other official members within the following months. The goal was to create a solid metal outfit with a strong emphasis on technicality and musicianship, with an equal focus on song-writing and feel. After his somewhat lengthy stints in Texas bands Vesperian Sorrow and Batcastle, James Hardin sought to create a new project with all original material that melds a passion for aggressive melodic thrash/death with the guitar playing of the neoclassical-oriented players of the 80s (and beyond). As fellow musicians/friends Rusty, Jamy, Joel and Oscar joined and time went by through regular rehearsals, the project would eventually become a full band comprised of experienced musicians ready to perform live.”

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I am the creator/editor of Lone Star Metal magazine and LSM Media. Our goal is to expose the masses to the great talent in the Texas Rock and Metal scenes, and unify them under one flag...the Texas flag!

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