JOEL GREGOIRE – Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground (2011)

Some out there may remember Joel Gregoire from the progressive Metal band, Stride, who were prominent in the early 2000’s.  Stride has since disbanded, and not much has been heard from the members of the band, except Joel’s stint with Houston’s Ground Zero.  Joel now returns to the scene with his first solo album since the demise of Stride with Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground.  The disc is fourteen tracks of guitar virtuosity.  For those instantly turned off by that phrase, rest assured that this is an album of songs, and not 14 “look what I can do” practice sessions.  Joel has structured the album where the guitar is a voice; showing his prowess on the fretboard through soul rather than simple technical skill.  The scope of tempo on the songs range from the high energy title track and the groove laden “Among Giants” to the typical ballad in “Long Road Home” and the jazzy “Urban Legends.”  Deranged…is a great album for the instrumental fan and average Rock fan alike.  Joel has created a sonic wonderland of melody that can be the background for any mood.  Crank up “Brain G’rnade” if you want to tear down the road with the window down and the speakers blaring, or put on “Long Road Home” if you just want to relax…this disc has it all.

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3 Comments on JOEL GREGOIRE – Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground (2011)

  1. Could this possibly be right? Stride was prominant in the mid to late 2000’s?? Overall not a bad review, though. A little late perhaps. Rivethead reviewed this disc a year ago.

  2. Thanks for catching that error. We review the discs as we receive them, and good on Rivethead for being first! Still a great disc that deserves as much exposure as possible, no matter when it came out.

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