Lone Star Metal back to their roots…

Lone Star Metal was established as an online magazine in March of 2009.  Somewhere along the road, the idea popped in my head to go print, despite the steady disappearance of print mags these days.  I figured that enough local businesses were behind the idea of LSM, and getting ads would be no problem.  Turns out I was only half right.  Many were behind what LSM is about, but just didn’t have the extra revenue to take out an ad.  I have to say thanks to Ink Dreams Tattoo Studio in College Station and Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza in Austin for their belief from the start.

We put out two full color, 24 page issues of which I am extremely proud.  Ramiro did a great job in laying both out, and even the print company complimented us on an outstanding publication.  However, both of those issue were paid for mainly out of my own pocket, a practice I cannot continue if my family is to eat.  I toyed with the idea of a newsprint, tabloid issue like Metal Edge from San Antonio, but I don’t want to regress from what I’ve done.  Therefore, I’ve made the decision to go back to the original plan, which is to have the best online Texas webzine around.  Our mission is the same.  Our motto is the same.  Our dedication is the same.  The only difference is now we are solely internet based in content.

The good news is, with all the current technology, LSM is mobile.  We now have an Android app you can download today with alerts from LSM straight to your phone, and we are currently working on an iPhone app.  We’ve streamlined the website, so now you can browse more efficiently, and we are entertaining the idea of a published annual to appease the oldschool diehards (myself included) who need something to read on the toilet!

As always, thank you for your support, and we will stick true to our motto of community-integrity-respect.

Rusty Conner


About Lone Star Metal (131 Articles)
I am the creator/editor of Lone Star Metal magazine and LSM Media. Our goal is to expose the masses to the great talent in the Texas Rock and Metal scenes, and unify them under one flag...the Texas flag!

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