POOR DUMB BASTARDS – The Price of Rebellion (2010)

reviewed by Scott Fisher

Out of the stack of CDs given to me recently by Rusty Conner to review, I was drawn immediately to the 2010 release from Poor Dumb Bastards entitled The Price Of Rebellion. Call it my inner rebel. After doing a bit of research on the ever-popular Facebook, I discovered they are a band of Houston-based punk rockers who proudly tout themselves as the originators of “Texas Drunk Rock.” Oh, what have I gotten myself into? Hold on, lemme grab my bottle of scotch…

At first listen I’m not surprised, yet I’m very pleased. Price shows the world that Poor Dumb Bastards is worthy of the Punk genre, with Byron Dean’s intense vocals and down-and-dirty guitar work from Mike Porterfield and the late Hunter Ward. And a warm, full bass sound, played by Steve Scholtes, fits like a puzzle piece into Bob Leaderer’s tight drumming.

With songs like “Come Drunk,” “This Dick,” and “Same Ole Hole,” Price contains plenty of offensive passion, rude ferocity, and a blatant disregard for anything sacred…  you know, all that stuff good punk music is supposed to have. If you have tender ears, I’m glad to say you’ll be shocked. Get over it.

Hot tracks on this CD are the very sing-able title track, the fun and bouncy “Shotgun For Tuesday,” and the more straight-ahead “Rock Out With Your Cock Out,” all of which certainly show off the band’s diversity, as well. But what I love most about this album is the old-school punk feel. No, not the “I’ve been around for 18 fucking years and deserve more than one fucking minute” Billie Jo Armstrong kind of punk. I’m talking about the stuff way better than that. Strong influences from The Ramones can be heard all over the place. And, although not entirely in the same style, “Cellulite Disco” manages to rekindle the spirit of the great Ian Dury. Love them Blockheads… My top pick on this project, however, would have to be “Plus Size Lingerie.” As with almost the whole album, good lyrical writing on this song together with a fun chord progression on guitar will bring a snarl to the face of even the primmest, and will mysteriously give them a strong desire for that 5-foot mohawk.


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