SHAVING SUSIE – Razor Burn (2010)

reviewed by Scott Fisher

One of the latest of Houston’s bands to create a stir on the local scene in the past year is Shaving Susie. With the 2010 release of Razor Burn, it’s easy to see why. With some of the thickest-sounding guitars I’ve heard in a while, these boys kick it with that classic down-home metal grind. Ever hear a guitar tuned down so low you couldn’t tell how low it was tuned cuz all it sounds like is mud? A lot of bands try utilizing the lower tunings such as drop C and lower, but few have pulled it off as cleanly as this album does.

Highly structured chord progressions and well written lyrics sung with an “up yours” attitude keep the listener from losing interest on songs like “Night Is Falling” and “Day Of Healing.” And, “Heavy” is about the best name you could use to describe this second track. Listening to it makes me feel like Atlas holding up the world.

The hottest tracks on this CD have to be both “Louisiana,” with it’s heavy backwoods bluesy feel, and “Shovel,” for the bouncy rhythm. “Louisiana” easily puts the listener right there in the middle of a swamp outside of Houma with those friendly little crocs trying to climb up onto your airboat. “Shovel” is just one of those fun metal songs that will give you a strong desire for interpretive dance and has some really nice guitar work in there as well.

And, speaking of really nice guitar work…  Those thick, rich tones are smoothed over tight, technical drum patterns and a thunderous bass. If ya like a lot of wah-wah pedal with your solos, you’re in for a treat.

Texas Metal is known for it’s heart and soul which create strong emotions on a diverse subject matter…  all with a hell of a lot of kick-ass attitude. Shaving Susie is Texas Metal. ‘Nuff said. Got a problem with it?

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