BROTHERS N ARMS – The Good Fight (2012)

reviewed by Scott Fisher

Brothers –N- Arms is a nice little 3-piece Christian rock band from College Station, TX. Earlier this year the band released a 3-song EP themselves entitled The Good Fight. These guys put together a typical straight-ahead rock sound with mild hooks that are easy on the ears. A quick listen to the lyrics will make it obvious to anyone with an IQ above 50 that the lead vocalist, Daniel Vines, is singing about something he is passionate about. All songs contain strong Christian lyrics that don’t sound like your average praise chorus or hymn, but still contain a message.

My pick for top track between these three songs would have to be the third, entitled “His Words.” A little less “straight-ahead” than the other two, this selection incorporates several different riffs making the song appear a little more technical and have a bit more energy. The guitar solo also evokes plenty of energy and emotion as well.

As stated above, lead vocals are handled by Daniel Vines, who also takes care of all of the guitar work. Jesse James lays down the bass lines with a warm, fat tone. And drums are held together by Joey Vines. These three guys deliver a no-frills performance on basic “rock” songs. To be more specific, I would classify this as a straight-ahead Strat-type rock with a slight bluesy influence played with a metal flair. So how’s that for all-encompassing? Personally, I think it’s sad in this day and age that “rock” is no longer an adequate genre. But if you really wanna make “straight-ahead Strat-type rock with a slight bluesy influence played with a metal flair” a new genre, be my guest. I said it first though…

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