Wellborn Road, Broken Teeth and Saint Carmen @ Grand Stafford Theater – 1/19/2013

written by Foilface the Metalhead

Let’s start this by saying this ain’t gonna be your average Metal Music news here at Lone Star Metal Magazine.  It’s more like a continuing story about the adventures of a 105-year-old man named Foilface the Metalhead.  An Ol’ Man who escapes from the Brazos County Ol’ Stoners & Metalheads Retirement home to go see local & regional Hard Rock/Metal Music bands perform their talents and then write how the shows went.

*Some of the views & opinions of this dust fartin’, headbangin’ Thrasher are not those of LSM, Rusty & Staff, so don’t hold them responsible if ya get butt hurt. I write it as I see it.*

The Brazos County Metal Music scene has gone through major changes since July 2011 when the Stafford closed. A lot of bands and metalheads reading this played or visited a show at the Stafford.  It was so badass in its heyday for allowing any and all Metal bands to perform there many times a month.  Since the re-opening of the now called, Grand Stafford Theater, Metal Music shows are booked 2-3 times a month.  GST & LSM are working in conjunction with the Rock FM 103.9 Homebrew Show to showcase the finest in local & area Texas Hard Rock/Metal music here in the Brazos County area. The first show of 2013 took place Saturday January 19; so let me tell ya how it went.

I left the retirement home just after the 8pm shift change, using the graveyard waiting room’s gas-powered-corpse-hauler Dodge caravan and hauled my old ass to downtown Bryan to get my fix of headbangin’ loud ass music.  As I walked up, I could hear a band doing a sound check and the show was starting soon.

Saint Carmen – photo by David Lynch

Saint Carmen, a new local Rock/Metal band opened the first show of the year at GST.  It was their first time ever performing onstage as a band since forming in September, 2012. Lead pipes/guitarist, Avery Krueger, brings some really clean sounding vocals with his longtime friend, Jake Bellemy, on drums & backup vocals.  They blend the shreddin’ lead guitarist sounds of Dylan Cash mixed in with the pickless, fingerin’ bass guitar works of 16 year old, Buck Blackery, for a powerful sound that’s Hard Rock with a pinch of ass kickin’ metal tones thrown in to put them in the “Badass” category.  The band’s stage presence showed that they have been practicing everyday since formin’. The teamwork between the guys was spot on and it showed once the nervousness wore off during their performance.  The crowd in attendance enjoyed the music, and it was clear when everyone in the building was headbobbin’ at the same time.  I admit…so was mine.

Jason McMaster of Broken Teeth – photo by David Lynch

Next up on this night of live Hard Rock/Metal music was the legendary band from Austin, TX, Broken Teeth.  This band has been around the Texas music scene since 1999 with Jason McMaster deliverin’ the vocals.  Both guitarist, Jared Tuten & David Beeson, ripped out riffs that define that true Hard Rock sound, along with the bassist, Robb Lampman, and drummer, Bruce Rivers.  Broken Teeth rocked the GST so hard with the song “Viva La Rock, Fantastico,” that I seen dust falling from the building rafters as they dished it out.  If ya missed this show, you missed seeing a well-seasoned Texas Rock band that does Rock music right.

Wellborn Road – photo by David Lynch

Wellborn Road, local veterans of Metal Music scene, took the stage to finish out this first show of the year.  Tyler on his Dime guitar & Bobby on drums got the band’s music started as Scott’s unique voice filled the room mixed with Dale’s intense bass strummin’.  Wellborn Road unleashed some Southern Metal from their past album “Home” and even played the latest song they released called “The Mirror.”  On this night, Wellborn Road took a minute to pay tribute to Kevin Fahlman, of the band Hell’s Conspiracy, who lost his young life on January 14, 2013.  They removed their shoes and performed Kevin’s favorite song, “Watch The World,” barefooted, as Kevin always performed.  At the beginning of the song, Dale’s bass battery went dead, and he quickly changed guitars & carried on the show like a true pro performer.  Other than that little hiccup, the set was so awesome. Go here to see the tribute video to Kevin:

The next Local metal music show at Grand Stafford Theater is Friday January 25 featuring local bands Signal Rising and newcomers to the Brazos County Metal Music scene, Eclipse, who just finished recording their first studio album. Come out and support the local scene!

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  1. the shoes coming off was great tribute. keep up the great reporting old man foil face.

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