Stone Sour, Papa Roach and Otherwise – Hurricane Harry’s 2/5/2013

When I first heard Rock FM 103.9 start advertising that the bands, Papa Roach & Stone Sour, were coming to B/CS, this 105 year-old Metalhead got so excited that I scared the shit out of my caretakers by wheel-chairing down the retirement home halls singing at the top of my lungs, “Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort!” They hadn’t seen this antique thrasher get so excited since the Dirty Wormz came to town last year. The show was on Feb.5th at Hurricane Harry’s, a place known mostly for Country music. These two headbangin’ bands were coming to dominate a cowboy boot dance floor, and turn it into a mosh pit of madness. HH has been hosting many national Rock bands like 10 Years, Art Of Dying, Chevelle, & Rehab over the last few years, but having both Papa Roach & Stone Sour in one night was epic for the Brazos County Metal Music scene.

Rock and Metal alive and well in the Brazos Valley – photo by David Lynch

When I arrived at the show, the line to get in was long, but moved fast. Once in, I headed straight to the stage to find there seemed to be 2,000 other people already upfront. I ended up next to the stage to watch the opening band OTHERWISE, from Las Vegas, start this history-making night in Brazos County. Otherwise, a hard rock band started nationwide touring while opening for bands such as: Avenged Sevenfold & Five Finger Death Punch two years ago. In January 2013, they locked into the Papa Roach/Stone Sour tour, quickly gaining popularity and radio play all over the nation in the last month. The band performed music from their new album, “True Love Never Dies,” setting a high energy pace for the two headliners fixin’ to take the stage.

Otherwise – photo by David Lynch

Jacobi Saddix – photo by David Lynch

Papa Roach took the stage next bringing in another 500 people to the crowd from somewhere. Harry’s was so packed with crazed Rockers it was difficult to move around stage-front making this the largest crowd at a local Rock/Metal show this reporter has witnessed yet. Jacobi and the rest of the band delivered a one-hour set featuring their top music hits from all their albums. At one point of the show, he actually walked the drink rails all the way around the country music stained dance floor, then he crowd surfed back to the stage never missing a beat. Everyone in the building was seriously enjoying these superstar musicians were performing for us headbangers.

Papa Roach – photo by David Lynch

Corey Taylor – photo by David Lynch

Stone Sour was next to knock the dust out of the Harry’s ceilings. Front man, Corey Taylor, and guitarist, Jim Root, both play for Slipknot, and need no introduction for their talent in Metal music. Stone Sour was on a promotional tour of their new album they are working on called, “House of Gold & Bones.” They played all their hits from the past that night including the radio played hit single “Do Me a Favor,” off the new album due to release in April. The energy from the band had everyone thrashin’ in the building. During the almost one hour and 20 minute set, many crowd surfers and mosh pits kept Harry’s security staff busy for which I want to say, “Thanks Guys!” Yall did an awesome job keeping the peace with this large headbangin’ rowdy crowd. This was the best “Big Name” Rock-Metal Music Concert that the Brazos County Metal music scene has seen yet. A strong indication of what’s to come in the future, now we have a real Rock radio station in town that is hosting shows.

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