Dangerous Toys w/ Ground Zero and Wide Open Throttle – 2/23/2013

by Foilface the Metalhead

Ryan McKnight with the top three winners – photo by David Lynch

While in Houston at the Hawgs of Texas Motorcycle Rally‘s Chili cook off at Doggett’s Bar, this guy comes up to me wanting a closer look at my Lone Star Metal Mag t-shirt. He asked me where I got it, and I told him Rusty Conner. Then I explained I am writing for LSM. He then asked me if I was coming to watch his band play that night. As it turns out-he was Ryan McKnight, lead singer of Wide Open Throttle. He was cooking his own chili recipe for a chance at this HOT Chili cook off championship and then going to Acadia to thrash with the legendary rock band, Dangerous Toys. Folks, Ryan’s chili won 1st place overall out of thirteen entries.

Randy Broadway one last time – photo by David Lynch

I arrived at Acadia just as Ryan’s band, WOT was setting up onstage. The Chili cook off trophy was setting on top of an amp for all to see. I made my way to the front stage as the band started what would be their last show as Wide Open Throttle. Yep, long time guitarist, Randy Broadway, announced he is laying down the guitar and retiring after ten years of performing. The remaining four band members decided to retire the Wide Open Throttle band name with much respect towards Randy’s decision. With Ryan on vocals, Jason Rhoads on guitar, Dominic Petrie on drums, and Glen Mayhew on bass, they would continue to perform Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music as the band, Within One Truth. Tonight’s performance by Wide Open Throttle was seriously heavy folks. Settin’ a high energy pace of headbangin’, for this ancient Metalhead in the big city of Houston, TX.

Wide Open Throttle – photo by David Lynch

The devilish Kevin Admire of Ground Zero – photo by David Lynch

Next up was the band Ground Zero, a Houston band that has been rockin’ the Houston music scene since 1990. Kevin Admire is the lead vocalist for GZ. That night he was wearing some white eye contacts along with a preacher’s shirt and collar that looked really devilish. His stage movements kept your attention while he delivered the goods on lyrics. Both guitarists, Mad Mike and Joel, shared the lead shredder positions on their sixers. Todd is a brutal bassist on his Gibson, while Dan unleashes the drumming. Having never seen this band before, this reporter instantly became a fan of GZ’s music. Their hard hittin’ sound combined with an excellent stage presence made for a kickass show that night. Go download the song “Won’t Quit” at the above Reverbnation link…it’s free!

Dangerous Toys – photo by David Lynch

Dangerous Toys was the headliner for this LSM show. After seeing Jason McMaster’s other project bands, Broken Teeth and Evil United, I was excited to see a DT concert. Back in the late 80’s and into the 90’s, this band produced some of the best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music to come from the Lone Star State.

The moment the set started, that old school headbanger came out in everyone in attendance at Acadia. With Jason on vocals, Mark beating the drums mixed with Scott and Paul on guitars, and Mike on Bass, these Texas music veterans performed all their classic hits from over the years giving all us Metalheads one hell of a show. Thanks again Rusty and Acadia staff for showing me a good time in Houston. If yall readers haven’t been to a Metal show here, yall need too. Acadia seriously Rocks yall!

Toys – photo by David Lynch

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