BORN & RAISED – Ghosts of Tomorrow (2012)

reviewed by Rusty Conner

Born & Raised came across my desk by way of the Epic Texan from Houston.  The quintet hails from Denton, just north from the DFW area.  Their 2012 release, Ghosts of Tomorrow, is an exercise in straight ahead Heavy Metal with a blending of melodic vocals and angry yells set against a backdrop of some decent musical ability.  Though I’ll say they aren’t breaking new ground, and who is these days, Born & Raised carry the flag of Metal in an arena of screams and samples.  A standout track for this listener is “Morning Glory” that hearkens to the days that bands weren’t afraid to show they had melody and talent as well as the heaviness.  The soloing on this track is impressive, as well as the overall song structure.  Juxtaposed with some of the other songs on the same vibe as “Morning Glory” are tracks like “Tunnels” that kick off with a riff that doesn’t relent, and a track like “Protest” that is driven by a funk inspired bass line that shows the various influences this band has.  Ghosts of Tomorrow is a good album with quality musicianship.  Check ’em out on tour and buy the CD here.

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