SNAKE SKIN PRISON – Blood in the Water (2014)

bitw_ONLINESTORE_fb_BANNERPAGE_zpse9f4e988by Rusty Conner

Austin based three piece, Snake Skin Prison, have offered up another slab of new music entitled, “Blood in the Water.”  One thing about SSP is you need not worry about waiting for their “Chinese Democracy;” rather, you can count on them to put out new tunes on a regular basis.  Last year we saw the release of their EP, “Smokin’ Whisky” which sported four new tunes, and this newest release follows the same format.

“Blood in the Water” is a three song EP of what I’d like to call the evolution of the band.  What started as a somewhat sloppy, Motorhead influenced Rock N Roll party band has now undergone a metamorphosis into a lean, Rock N Roll act with a razor’s edge of Dimebag, pummeling double kick, and dirty bass lines.

The title track is the newest song from Snake Skin Prison, and really showcases how far the band has come.  Matt Ballengee has really come into his own as a vocalist.  I once heard him say, “I may not be the best vocalist, but I give my all when I open my big ass mouth.”  Indeed he is giving his all on this EP.  Bassist Keith Ploeger, affectionately called “KEEF,” has chiseled out a unique bass signature with his distorted mini solos thrown into the song, while Marc Coronado brings his Heavy Metal influence into the track with precisely timed double kick and hitting as hard as he can on everything else.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes through sticks and drumheads like candy.

“Lost in the Middle” has to be my personal favorite on this EP.  It has momentum from the start and doesn’t let up.  The lyrics hint to a certain sadness, coupled with an intense breakdown midway through the song that gives the listener a certain melancholy while simultaneously hammering you with an aural assault of riffage that won’t let go.  You get all that?

The last track on the EP is “Loudest Night of My Life.”  I’d say this song is a typical tale of a night out with Snake Skin Prison…loud, crazy, you can’t remember half of what happened, and you end up with bruises on your face from the punches you received from annoyed magazine editors…but I digress.  This track has a great chorus that you instantly find yourself singing along to as well as identifying with.

Snake Skin Prison are one of the hardest working acts in Texas, no doubt, and their persistence and passion has definitely shone through on this EP.  The digital release is available now, and a limited amount of physical copies will be available at their show at The Parish on February 28th in Austin, TX.

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