VEGATRON – Awakening (2013)

a3246887127_10by El Jefe

Pop-punk meets Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Engineering is good quality; guitar and bass have a great amount of distortion. Peeps 14 to 25 seem to be their target demographic. Vocals are raspy enough to bring in some old school’ers, but then the choruses come in and all of a sudden it’s Blink182 that smoked 4 packs of cowboy killers before coming to the recording studio…not that that’s a bad thing…just sayin’. Not any real surprises. The music was pretty predictable, and I must add that sometimes you are not in the mood for Mike Patton’s uber-suprisey, weird changes and pattern jumps. Long story short, the songs are pretty predictable. Some 80’s reinvention; no great guitar work. Best suited for a day of cleaning where you really can’t hear it completely clear but there is a constant noise to clean your bathroom to.

Favorite track- “Save Us Now” AND “Goathorn”…I really believe THIS is the direction they should continue in. It doesn’t seem forced, but very natural feeling. “Goathorn” is a great splash of heaviness the album needed, and I do like the one unpredictable spot on the album at the end of “Save Us Now”…check it out!

3 out of 6 stars…pretty good.

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