ASKA – Fire Eater (2013)

Aska - Fire Eaterby Rusty Conner

Aska‘s triumphant return after nearly seven years is aptly entitled Fire Eater. Lone Star Metal and Aska have some history.  Aska was the headliner for the first ever Lone Star Metal showcase, and we’ve been a big supporter of the band since.  Needless to say we eagerly anticipated the release of this album.  The great news is that Aska is still Aska.  George Call has one of the most unique voices on the Texas scene, and he hasn’t lost his edge for sure.  The catchy power riffs still run rampant across each track; drawing you into the music.  The lyrics still flirt with real life with just enough fantasy thrown in that the listener doesn’t realize they just learned what a metaphor is (What’s a meta for?).  The opening track “Everyone Dies”, “leaked” by the band almost a year before the album release, sets the pace and assures you’re listening to an Aska album.  Another favorite follows directly after in “Dead Again.”  This track has a chorus you cannot get out of your head for days. “Harlot of Eden” has a riff that just won’t quit.  Believe me, you’ll grab the nearest guitar-like object and air jam the entire song like you used to do in your teenage bedroom.  Fire Eater simply must be in your collection if you are any kind of traditional Metal fan.

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