WELLBORN ROAD – Pain Hate Redemption (2014)

0phr1By Scott Fisher

Okay, I’m back from the dead. I was given a copy of Wellborn Road’s new release Pain Hate Redemption a while back for review, so let’s see if I still got it, hmm?

I’ve been familiar with these guys for a few years, and have had the pleasure of my band play a couple of shows with them as well. So, I know what I’m talking about when I tell you these guys know how to bring it. Their live shows never disappoint with showmanship and talent that just ooze professionalism. Needless to say, I am thrilled to give this CD a listen and share my thoughts.

The whole album begins with a beautiful, yet misleading, acoustic guitar piece to open “New Found Life” before kicking you in the face with pure unadulterated old school Metal. Even at lower volumes, the double kicks from Robert Dickinson matches tightly with Tyler Tracy’s guitar and Dale Kahil’s bass to thump your chest and instantly get the adrenaline flowing. And, lest we fail to mention, the vocals of Scott Emanis conveys just the right amount of…well…pain, hate, and redemption? Even in the title track, “Pain Hate Redemption,” the power and emotion is felt from each member.

“The Mirror,” actually released previously as a single when work on this album had just begun, still sounds fresh, and is definitely one of the CD’s top tracks. Right along with it, “Left Behind” is up there as well with its haunting vocals and squealing guitar a la Zakk Wylde.

Though the “emotion” decreases slightly on tracks such as “Oblivion” and “All That Lives Will Die,” it’s only slightly and really only in comparison with other tracks like “Breaking Down,” “Into Hell,” and especially “With Broken Wings.” You can feel the weeping on that last song.

Each song on this CD has its own hook, its own groove, and its own ability to stand up next to any other song out there, local or not. Each song could easily be released as a single, this CD is that strong.

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