DIRTYMIND – Drunk Ass Lover (2015)

11150669_455843861251249_7713841379679790847_nby Rusty Conner

Dirtymind are four guys from Houston that want to do one simple thing; Rock.  Their newest disc, “Drunk Ass Lover,” is a testament to their no-frills, straight-in-your-face Rock and Roll in the vein of Broken Teeth, AC/DC and any other “Son of Angus;” as my buddy Judd likes to call ’em.

“Drunk Ass Lover,” doesn’t offer anything new to the table, and I believe that was the point.  Dirtymind take the tried and true Rock and Roll blueprint set forth decades ago and continue the tradition.  Tracks like the title song, Dirty Girl, Sexy Girl, and Leave that Girl are anthems to the more curvy side of humanity; good or bad, while tracks like Saturday Night and Rock N Roll High celebrate the excesses of this genre.

When it’s Friday night and you’re hanging out in your man cave playing pool and having a few drinks, this is the disc you pop in.  When it’s Saturday night and you’re on the road to a show, this is the disc you pop in.  When it’s the middle of the week and you’re turning a wrench in the shop or bustin’ ass on some report, this is the disc you pop in.

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