FALL OF CARTHAGE – Behold (2015)

What genre is Fall of Carthage? Uhhhh…all of’em.

kowreview by El Jefe

What genre is Fall of Carthage? Uhhhh…all of’em. If there is a moment you are not in your favorite music serenade just wait…oh, there it is. They are hard, heavy, melodic, good singing voice, good screams, good gutturals, brutal production, like sliding down a razor’s edge tight…it’s a guud time had by all orifices. My only complaint, like Prince’s New Year’s Eve show in 1999 at the Summit in Houston, TEXAS, they don’t stay in one style long enough for me to really flip my lid, for Prince it was one whole song. Just play all of Darling Nikki…nope. I didn’t hear one complete song the entire show. Too many hits to choose from. Maybe that’s it. (light above my head…BING!) Fall of Carthage are so engulfed within heavy music that they can’t stay on one style/genre long enough before they, themselves, yearn for another. Hmmmph…I’ve listened to “Behold” multiple times in multiple different ambiances, and I just now got that. They don’t want to get complacent for themselves or the listener/viewer. Move it around brothers, and keep it movin…just bring that shit back right the fuck here!
Rate- FUCKIN-A++++ (4 outta 5 +’s) I can’t wait to see ya’ll live!!!

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