SUIDAKRA – Realms of Odoric (2016, AFM Records)

Suidakra-realms-of-odoric-300x300This is not music for the mindless, self-indulgent.  There is a purpose, a rhyme and a reason per say, to each breath, and each change.  It’s a direct path down the storybook of this album.  Also, it’s difficult to escape the Viking ideal with the aural and visual similarities, but why would you?

In a moment, you are forced in the distant drum of some ancient battlefield while blissed away with an almost Asian-style melody, and then thrust into the battle itself by ax.

The harmonizing beckons me back to Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), minus the cliché Wayne’s World foolery, standing alone as a moment of great musicianship.

Tina Stabel’s take was a minuscule side-step from Arkadius in precision, ideals, quality, and movement well received.  I listened to Undaunted many times and every time at the end of the song I laughed out loud (not lol), clapped my hands, and yelled “HELL YEAH!”

I see me using this album as inspiration while creating my own visual art to the point of ear hemorrhage, and I can imagine a stadium filled, everyone on their feet, fists in the air. Tramp thru the aural and visual landscape that is the land of…Suidakra.

Rate- FUCKIN-A ++++½  (4 ½ outta 5 +’s)  -Jefe

Preorder the album here:

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