UNCLEANSED – Defacing the Deity of Filth (2016, Ossuary Industries)

Uncleansed-Defacing-the-Deity-of-Filth-EP-2016by Rusty Conner

The last time a new disc came out from Houston’s Death Metal stalwarts, Uncleansed, was six years ago. To say about time is a clear understatement. There have been a few changes in the band since their last release; most notably the new vocalist, Matt Mapes, who not only replaced Shawn Whitaker but James Vandenberg as well. I must say Mapes’ vocals are a perfect fit, and should remain a pillar in the band along with long time members Jim Case and Darrell White.

This disc is a barrage of classic Death Metal that any fan has come to rely on from Uncleansed. The chief, and most likely only, complaint on this disc is the number of songs; which numbers only five. The cover art is a spot-on compliment to the brutality found within. The opening intro along with the first song, “Second Coming Denied,” (see video below) set the pace immediately informing the listener this is not for the casual Metal fan. The entire EP is the very definition of Extreme Metal from the lyrical content down to the guttural growls on a soundscape of riffs and double bass that summon your personal demons to the surface. Another stand out track has to be title track. Blast beats and blazing riffs coupled with pit-frenzied choruses define a track meant to pummel a live audience. This album is a must have for anyone who calls themselves a Death Metal fan.  Buy it here.

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