Christopher Shayne brings some twang back to Rock N Roll

Lone Star Metal caught up with Chris and Dave, formerly of Whiskey Six, and talked shop on the Christopher Shayne Band.

Some time back at SXSW, when SXSW used to be about the little guy, a chance encounter with a hungry band from Arizona sparked a lifetime friendship.  That band was Whiskey Six and those friends were Chris and Dave from said band.  Fast forward to 2017. Whiskey Six has since watched it all burn; however, from those ashes comes a new venture that refocuses on an original idea; mixing blues influence with Southern style sprinkling a bit of twang in for good measure.  Thus was born the Christopher Shayne Band.  Rusty had a chance to catch up with old friends and talk music.

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I am the creator/editor of Lone Star Metal magazine and LSM Media. Our goal is to expose the masses to the great talent in the Texas Rock and Metal scenes, and unify them under one flag...the Texas flag!

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