BROTHER STRANGE – Witch Slayer (2019)

by Benny Henderson Jr.

If you dig, deep, dark, melodic metal, then you need El Paso’s very own, Brother Strange in your music library. Hailing from the Lone Star State, this gritty, heavy riff, hard hitting stoner metal band knows how to rock the masses with their Texas style of metal.

Their latest helping of tunes, titled, Witch Slayer, digs a little deeper in the darkness with heavy melodic guitars, hard thumping drum beats drenched with  the screaming howls of vocals, it is a masterpiece of doom driven metal.

What can you expect from this new album? Vocalist, Steve Salazar told Lone Star Metal, “Fans can expect heavy riffage with a killer grooves.”

And it has that killer instinct in each tune. When I gave this album a listen, I was in reminiscence of early Black Sabbath, the dark gloom and doom vibe that had chills tingling your spine. Now that, is what this album does, gives you this freakish feel, but yet, still rocks hard.

I say two thumbs up for this new album from the band, they haven’t strayed from rocking hard, have polished up a bit with experience, but is keeping their style true to the stoner metal sound.

Release Date: August 3, 2019

Track List:

  1. Scorpion King
  2. Love Trooper
  3. Witch Slayer
  4. Tails I Choose
  5. Dopefairy

Purchase your digital copy at

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